Not a horrible post, but it doesn't say very much, esp. considering key factors, esp. the MSM's habit to smear those doubting Conventional Wisdom as (e.g. pro-liberty) "extremists".

Did not most of the MSM types diss the Senators voting vs. LBJ's Tonkin Resolution as


And likewise, with Perot's view about the Giant Sucking Sound, and with those who afterwards echoed that fear?

And likewise, with those (e.g. Greenwald) who (correctly) charged, that the FBI, NSA etc. were breaking the law, with their warrantless (or fake-warrant) wiretapping, accumulation of (and sometimes leaking of) private data, etc.?

Until you can meaningfully distinguish your view, from those of the apologists for Establishment CW (who smeared the anti-Tonkin Senators, Perot, and Greenwald), I'll fear that this "moderation" actually means

"fidelity to Establishment wars, pillaging of the working classes, erosion of traditional rights, etc.".

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“a mark of extremism is a narrow drawing of the circle of the enlightened, with *everyone outside* it being villainous degenerates hell-bent on heaping misery on others.”

Sounds like quite many of US “moderates” in recent decades, esp. those who wholly take their cue from the MSM.

They seem in no mood to face the music, that the MSM is firmly in the tank for powerful institutions, esp. since the mid-90s, when they goose-stepped together to fawn over OJ’s lawyers.

Only Mike Wallace smelled a rat, when he took pride in “60 Minutes” being an “OJ-free zone”, and dissed this fawning as being “not News!”.

We’ll never know, how many key News stories this fawning led the MSM to duck.

Since then, they’ve become shadows of what they were in Wallace’s prime.

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