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I accept every criticism you make, and contrast you draw between what the police did in each situation. I still do not understand the collective vitriol toward the Uvalde law enforcement officers because it misplaces the responsibility for the tragedy. The shooter was responsible for killing the children. The officers failed to rescue as soon as they should have, but they did not kill anyone, the shooter did. Focusing on the police response makes sense for the purpose of learning from it in order to try to do better, but that is a secondary problem. The primary problem is military grade weapons reaching indiscriminate killers over and over again. Uvalde law enforcement choked under pressure. People are imperfect, and some are braver than others. That is a story, but I respectfully submit that to focus on it as the main problem is to miss the bigger picture. In mass shooting situations, people are almost always going to die before the police can respond. Police can potentially mitigate the carnage, but they can’t prevent it. Piling on the Uvalde police makes them the scapegoat, not the shooter who killed the children.

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